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TREND Beechwood Loose Tenons - Festool Domino Compatible

Product Code: TRE/TENONS_MST
Brand: Trend
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TREND Beechwood Loose Tenons

Compatible with Festool Domino Jointing System


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Precision hardwood tenons that combine the properties of traditional dowels and jointing biscuits for accurate, flexible, strong joints. Ideal for a variety of furniture and general carpentry projects. For use with a router and mortice jig or the Festool¨ Domino morticing system.


Key Features

  • Certified Machined Beechwood for strong, sustainable and dimensionally stable joints.
  • Full-Length Long-Grain Glue Grooves for maximum adhesion.
  • User-Friendly Bag Sizes for lower project costs and less wastage.
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