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Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood



The production and development of Famag tools is in line with the needs and requirements of the professional craftsman. Famag aim to understand the applications of the professional in order to produce tools that fulfil the exact requirements and leave the craftsman with a smile on their face. With 175 years of experience, Famag produce high-quality tools for the demanding end-user and so forming a friendly relationship. 

The current delivery program contains a broad range of drilling and milling tools for all areas of woodworking and plastics processing as well as for metal, stone, concrete and other materials. Famag tools are used by professional craftsmen, industry and also many do-it-yourself-amateurs. 

Many Famag products have unique characteristics and are protected through patents, for example: carbide Bormax³, the all-rounder for all-rounder’s, Bormax® Forstner Bit, traditional Forstner bits and modern carbide-tipped boring bits as well as wood twist drills with special twists, etc.

Famag in Cornwall and across the UK from Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood

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