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Robert Sorby PATRIOT CHUCK Package with RSU M24 x 3.0mm INSERT

Product Code: RS/RSPCU-PK
Brand: Robert Sorby
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Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck Package - Includes - Patriot Chuck and Insert - RSPC PLUS RSU - M24 x 3.0mm Insert


Key Features

  • Manufactured in Sheffield, the new Patriot lathe chuck is the latest new product from Robert Sorby. It comes after many years of experience in selling, marketing and distributing other chucks hence the design incorporates all the key features which turners look for in a scroll chuck.
  • Fitted with smooth action 2" (50mm) jaws which have internal and external dovetail and gripper teeth to ensure work is held more securely. It also supplied with a screw chuck and an insert* which enable it to fit the vast majority of woodworking lathes.
  • Robert Sorby has included two safety mechanisms to help prevent chucks loosening on M33 x 3.5mm spindle threaded lathes when operating in reverse. As can be seen in the picture above, a channel has been machined into the mount section of the chuck. This will allow a locking collar (supplied by some manufacturers) to be secured, holding the chuck in place. A grub screw which locks the chuck onto the spindle offers another solution.
  • The versatility of the Patriot Chuck is demonstrated by its availability without jaws in three formats, these are the RSPCOM, RSPCOMN34 and the RSPCOMMH.
  • Jaws from other chuck manufacturers will also fit this system but please contact us to be sure of any additonal fittings that may be required in order to do this.


Strengths and benefits

  • compact design which does not strain lathe bearings yet is ideal for all sizes of project
  • inserted system so there is a size to fit almost every lathe
  • all jaws are perfectly matched so there is no need for tiresome number matching
  • the single key operation with positive location requires only the lightest of touches
  • key is articulated to allow access behind large projects
  • true compression angles on drive and driven gear ensure smooth operation every time
  • jaws stops prevent slides from working loose
  • wide selection of useful jaws give additional versatility
  • jaws dovetailed on inside and outside face
  • additional serrated teeth on jaws give extra grip (see below)
  • enclosed back protects gearing against dust
  • backplate is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • comes complete with 2" jaws and woodscrew
  • English instruction manual supplied


Robert Sorby offer an extensive range of threaded inserts and jaws for this chuck which can be seen below.

To see the Thread Inserts available click here

To see the Jaws available click here


Patriot Chucks Available in the Following Thread Sizes

Our Ref Patriot Chuck Thread Size Catalogue Ref
RS/RSPC Patriot Chuck No Insert RSPC
RS/RSPCA Patriot Chuck 3/4" x 16 tpi RSPCA
RS/RSPCB Patriot Chuck M20 x 2.0 RSPCB
RS/RSPCC Patriot Chuck M20 x 1.5 RSPCC
RS/RSPCD Patriot Chuck 7/8" x 16 tpi RSPCD
RS/RSPCE Patriot Chuck 1" x 10 tpi RSPCE
RS/RSPCF Patriot Chuck M25 x 2.0 RSPCF
RS/RSPCG Patriot Chuck 7/8" x 12 tpi LH RSPCG
RS/RSPCJ Patriot Chuck 1" x 8 tpi RSPCJ
RS/RSPCK Patriot Chuck 5/8" Plain Bore RSPCK
RS/RSPCL Patriot Chuck M18 x 2.5 RSPCL
RS/RSPCMH Patriot Chuck 1 1/2" x 6 tpi RSPCMH
RS/RSPC34 Patriot Chuck M33 x 3.5 RSPC34
RS/RSPCO Patriot Chuck 1" x 12 tpi RSPCO


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1 X Robert Sorby PATRIOT CHUCK INSERT - RSU - M24 x 3.0mm

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