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Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood

CAMO Deck Fastening System

CAMO has a tool for every installation. Pro Series Guides were specifically designed for edge fastening, DRIVE delivers maximum job site versatility securing Screws and Clips, and the LEVER keeps any board locked in place, freeing you up to fasten.

The Camo Marksman tool has enhanced decking areas since coming to market. The hidden screws not only ensure for a good looking deck area, but it also eliminates the possibility of splinter injuries in children and adults alike.The tool comes with a spacer at either side, meaning there is a consistent gap between each deck board throughout your decking area. The screws go into the deck boards through the guides in the tool, which contains a stopper that stops the screw going in too deep! The system also enables that if you needed to replace a board, the screw heads easily can be removed without the need for the tool.

The range of fasteners mean that the screws can be used for treated or untreated wood, hardwood, composite, PVC, around swimming pools or the coast.

CAMO Deck Fastening System in Cornwall and across the UK from Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood.

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