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Cabinet Door System

TREND have designed a cabinet door tooling system to set the spindle moulder once and not to alter it. The components of cabinet & internal doors with four different panel groove thicknesses can be produced.
The Trend CDS Cabinet Door System can run on any spindle moulder with a flush mounted sliding table, a 30mm shaft and a motor power of 3hp.
It has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and will produce nine different profile styles with four possible panel groove thicknesses. This enables you to produce door thicknesses from 18mm to 35mm and up to 36 different door configurations.
  • With the CDS you can manufacture any size of cabinet door or internal door quickly and accurately on a spindle moulder with a flush mounted sliding table.
  • Set the machine in seconds with the supplied setting gauge and do not alter it to produce all of the profiles and scribes.
  • Dispenses with lengthy set-up and costly test cuts.
  • All the tools and spacers are numbered and stacked on to the machine according to the steps shown on the wallchart.
  • The CDS can manufacture nine different door profile styles.
  • Four different panel door thicknesses can be accommodated,4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 9mm.
  • Door thicknesses from 18mm to 35mm can be produced.

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