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Brand: Robert Sorby
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Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby ProEdge Basic Sharpening System - (Ref: PEB01A)


The Robert Sorby ProEdge offers effortlessly repeatable sharpening every time. Hugely versatile, this industrial strength machine is built to last and delivers astounding ‘factory finish’ results without fail. Perhaps the most simple to use sharpener on the market, this system replicates the industry standard of achieving a flat grind using the preferred method of belts over traditional grinding wheels.

Sharpens bench, framing, carving and turning chisels, drill bits, plane irons, knifes and garden tools.


Key Features

Sharpens with belts rather than abrasive wheels.

  • Cuts steel rather than rubbing it off
  • Change belts in seconds
  • Flat bevel rather than hollow grind
  • Wide range of grits and abrasives
  • Sharpens all exotic alloys and carbide
  • Belt sharpening lowers risk of overheating

Patented angle setter guarantees repeatability

  • Sharpen at exactly the same angle each time
  • Nine factory indexed settings provide a guide for all types of tool
  • Can be locked between indexes for custom settings

Exceptional Robert Sorby construction

  • Built from solid steel
  • Pivots for operator comfort
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Small workbench footprint
  • Backed by Robert Sorby Warranty

A wide range of belts and accessories to suit all sharpening needs are available.

Of these, the following are included in both the PE01 Basic and PED01 Deluxe ProEdge Kits:

  • PE120A Alumninium Oxide Abrasive Sharpening Belt, 120grit
  • PE60Z Zirconium Abrasive Sharpening Belt, 60grit



  • Motor: 1/2hp
  • Surface Speed: 1440 ft (440m) per minute

Guide to angles for the angles setter and recommended tools:

  • 15 degrees - Skew chisels.
  • 20 degrees - Main bevel angle for bevel edge woodworking chisels (soft wood). Bevel angle for parting tools.
  • 25 degrees - Honing angle for bevel edge chisels (soft wood). Main bevel angle for bevel edge chisels (hard wood) and bench plane irons. Standard carving chisels and gouges.
  • 30 degrees - Honing angle for bevel edge chisels (hard wood) and bench plane irons. Main bevel angle for mortice, registered and framing chisels.
  • 35 degrees - Honing angle for mortice, registered and framing chisels.
  • 45 degrees - Bevel angle for roughing, spindle and bowl gouges.
  • 60 degrees - Bevel angle for bowl gouges (deep bowl turning).
  • 80 degrees - Clearance angle for scraper tools and cutters.
  • 90 degrees - Shear scrapers and shear scraper cutters.


Product Code Description
PED01A ProEdge System Deluxe
PEB01A ProEdge System Basic
PEUPG ProEdge System Upgrade Kit (Basic to Deluxe)








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