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Festool 577589 Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw TSC 55 KEB-Basic + 2 x Battery PROMO 2023

Product Code: FES/577589
Brand: Festool
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Festool Cordless Plunge-Cut Saw TSC 55 KEB-Basic

PROMO 2023 Battery - 2 x BP 18 Li 5,0 ASI

Promo Code 577589


Our masterpiece. Decisively improved. Now with unique kickback stop.


Key Features

Often, even just a millisecond is crucial: The kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a plunge-cut saw. Our unique kickback stop therefore stops the saw blade of our cordless plunge-cut saw in the blink of an eye, and so not only protects your workpiece but also minimises the risk of injury to your hands. In addition, this now allows users to make powerful, precise cuts at up to twice the speed with an extended battery range. When combined, our new generation of saw blades allows for maximum cutting performance and perfect cutting quality. The sawing system is rounded off with clever system accessories, such as guide rails, an angle stop, splinter guard and saw table.

  • The kickback stop reduces the risk of injury from kickback when sawing or plunging the tool into the workpiece
  • Concentrated torque and up to twice as fast work progress with an increased saw blade service life
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • The kickback stop can be deactivated for individual cuts
  • Top-class sawing system thanks to a variety of accessories


Items included

  • Cordless Plunge Cut Saw TSC 55 KEB
  • Chip collection bag
  • Circular saw blade - Wood Fine Cut HW 160 x 1.8 x 20 WD42
  • Flag window, vision panel
  • Hex key, WAF 5
  • Splinterguard
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437
  • PLUS 2 x BP 18 Li 5.0 ASI Batteries


Strengths and benefits

  • Improved safety thanks to the kickback stop: The integrated kickback stop reduces the risk of injury from kickback when sawing or plunging the tool into the workpiece. Once the saw has been triggered, it is ready for immediate use without having to replace any parts or additional costs.
  • Exceptional torque: The concentrated torque of our plunge-cut saw enables work progress at up to twice the speed with an increased saw blade service life. Our new generation of saw blades impresses users when combined with maximum cutting performance and perfect cutting quality.
  • Greater power and endurance: The lithium-ion batteries and the brushless EC-TEC motor with maximum efficiency provide maximum cutting performance and exceptional durability.
  • Low dust mobile working: We have two ways of protecting health: Whether with a dust collection bag or an extractor with Bluetooth® automatic switch-on – the Festool extraction system ensures virtually dust-free work.
  • Flexible use by switching the kickback stop: The kickback stop can be manually deactivated, for example when working without a guide rail on uneven material. The advantage: The kickback stop is automatically reactivated the next time the saw is switched on.
  • Precise and healthy working with a system: Combined with our guide rails, a wide range of saw blades, the adapted extraction system, saw table, angle stop and splinter guard, we offer a top-class sawing system.
  • Perfect cuts reduce the need for re-working: With the clip-on splinter guard in combination with the guide rail, it is even possible to saw on both sides without virtually any splinters.
  • Best orientation for plunge cuts: Transparent sliding viewing window and the additional markings for the starting and end point provide a good view of the saw blade.
  • The angles 0° and 45° can be selected directly using the locking positions. Undercuts are also possible with the extended adjustment option from -1° to 47°.
  • Exact cuts, even at an angle: The TSC 55 enables precise work. The cutting edge from 90° to 47° remains unchanged even when the saw swivels.
  • Maximum flexibility: The slimline housing allows users to make cuts up to the edges and in close proximity to the wall (12 mm).
  • FastFix saw blade changing system: Always adapted to the working material. The FastFix spindle stop makes it extremely easy to change the saw blade. The correct saw blade is fitted in just a few steps and the sawing speed is adapted to the material.
  • Exact depth setting: Easy to read and adjust: The dual cutting depth scale for working with or without a guide rail. Now even easier thanks to extra-large font and precision adjustment.
  • Our fitted control electronics enable speed control for temperature monitoring, a quick-acting brake and perfect adaptation to the material.
  • The dual battery system with flexible configuration options for using one (at least 18 V) or two battery packs (max. 36 V). For maximum power or minimum weight.



  • Precise circular in materials up to 55 mm thick
  • Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
  • Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen worktops
  • Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints
  • Cutting chipboard to size


Technical details

  • Battery voltage: 2 x 18 V
  • Idle engine speed: 2650 - 3800/5200 min⁻¹
  • Saw blade diameter: 160.00 mm
  • Angular range: -1 - 47 °
  • Cutting depth: 0 - 55 mm
  • Cutting depth 45°: 43 mm
  • Dust extraction connection diameter: 27/36 mm
  • Product weight: 3.60 kg
  • Drive type: Battery


Festool TSC 55 Owners Manual

Product Videos

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