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Tormek SVM-45 & SVM-140 Wetstone Grinder Knife Jigs Package - ref 910088

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Tormek Westone Grinder
SVM-45 & SVM-140
Grinding Jigs for Knives
Ref: 910088


Key Features

The Tormek original grinding jig SVM-45 is suitable for all kinds of knives; household knives, chef’s knives, handicraft knives and knives for hunting and fishing. It also works with carver’s draw knives. The jig rests freely on the Universal Support so you can follow the curve of the blade.

The Tormek original grinding jig SVM-140 has been developed especially for long and flexible knives, e.g. filleting knives. Its larger width, 140 mm (5½"), stabilizes a long and thin blade and the jig copes with blades longer than 160 mm (6¼").

A Durable Edge

Compared to grinding methods where you quickly pull the knife through a knife sharpener or sharpen it by using a honing stone, the Tormek knife jigs restore the blade to its original and optimal edge angle. So you do not just sharpen or hone at the very tip of the edge, as you do with honing stones or with a sharpening steel, which causes the edge angle to increase unintentionally. After a few sharpenings by hand, the edge sooner or later will need to be restored to the correct edge angle.

Kind to the steel:

Since the edge is continuously cooled with water, there is no risk that the steel will become overheated and lose its hardness. You remove the minimum amount of steel so your valuable knives will last for a long time.

Superior sharpness:

The jig rests on the Universal Support and gives you full control over the edge angle. The burr that develops during sharpening is easily removed on the Tormek Leather Honing Wheel where it is polished to a razor edge. You get a superior sharpness that will last longer.

Edge angles for different usage:

You can set a suitable edge angle by using the Tormek AngleMaster that comes with the machine. A knife for cutting meat should have a larger edge angle then a knife for cutting vegetables. A small edge angle (25°) will cut easily but it will also be more sensitive to wear and damage. A larger edge angle (40°) will give a stronger and more durable edge.



The jig for knife sharpening comprises an adjustable clamp (1) for holding knives of any thickness and an adjustable stop (2). You adjust the jig to the knife thickness with the screw (3) and lock by tightening the knob (4).

The Universal Support is normally placed vertically for knife sharpening towards the edge. Short knives can also be ground away from the edge with the Universal Support placed horizontally.

Min. blade length 60 mm (2 3/8").

Improvement to the Knife Jig:

We now cast the Knife Jig SVM-45 in zinc, which give us the opportunity to make the clamping jaws thinner. The benefit is that they can handle smaller edge angles and narrower blades, where the earlier design would touch the stone.

Now you can sharpen blades min 14 mm (9/16") measured from the back to the cutting edge. The dashed line shows the earlier design. (Knife 2.5 mm thick, width 14 mm.)


This jig is made especially for long and thin knives. It works in the same way as the SVM-45 jig but it is wider and therefore gives more support to long and thin blades.

The jig comprises an adjustable clamp (1) for holding knives of any thickness and an adjustable stop (2). You adjust the jig to the knife thickness with the screw (3). You lock the tool by tightening the knob (4).

The jig rests on the Universal Support. The exact edge angle is set by rotating the stop or with the Micro Adjust on the Universal Support. The Universal Support is placed vertically for grinding towards the edge.


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