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Introducing new T18S 18V T18S-BJK1 Biscuit Jointer for fast and accurate jointing of work top joints and timber. With six different cutting depths set using the rotating turret and quick adjust face depth settings, the T18S-BJK1 is perfect for any project, from fine furniture to heavier joinery. Designed to maximise a user's productivity - simply adjust the angle and depth: tasks such as worktop joints in timber or compact laminate can be completed in seconds without the need for corded tools and having to change cutters in your router.  

The turret pre-sets allow standard No's 0, 10 and 20 biscuits to be used, plus 'Simplex', 'Duplex' and 'Maximum' settings. The 'Maximum' allows extra-large biscuits to be used for increased strength on bigger work, while the 'Simplex' and 'Duplex' settings are designed for specialist fittings for additional functionality. 

An array of reference face options cover a comprehensive range of jointing styles. Each face is milled for accuracy to ensure consistent jointing in any setting, allowing precisely aligned joints from the base, the front face or the tilting and auxiliary fences. 

The tilting fence has a 90 degree range with indents for 22.5, 45 and 90 degree positions for obtuse face referencing when mitre jointing skirtings or similar thinner stock. A clip on packing shoe also ensures the biscuit doesn't cut through the face of the workpiece on thinner mitred stock. For work on square edged stock around 19mm thick, the bottom reference face or the tilting fence set biscuit slots around the centre of the workpiece, referencing from the top or bottom face of the material. This is ideal for sheet material builds for cabinet carcassing, or for face frame work. 

For thicker stock the slide-on rack and pinion adjusted shoe serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows deeper material to be jointed with single double or more slots to be made by adjusting the height with up to 35mm adjustment available. For thicker, mitred applications, the shoe can be hooked over the mitre to reference from the acute face. Using the same rack and pinion adjustment, biscuits can be quickly set centrally, in pairs or more for extra strong jointing. 

All tools with the T18S Trend Cordless Power Tool Range feature intelligent electrics within a built in Electronic Protection System (EPS System) which protects the battery, allowing you to work safely to get the job done.  



Designed for the rigours of a Trade environment, T18S range has been carefully created to offer the right tools for job completion. Led by the router, with its plunge and trim bases (perfect for routing edges, hinges, and compact laminate worktops etc) the range offers everything you'd need to complete the job. 



The performance of any power tool range is more than just skin deep. What really matters is what's going on inside. T18S is built around 3 essential elements which give the range its power, control and performance: together, we call this Trinity Technology. Trinity Technology is the perfect relationship between the 18vTXli battery platform (designed for maximum life), the high performance motors (designed for high productivity) and the latest advanced electronics (which deliver high efficiency). 


Key Features

  • Trend High Performance Motor - Built for power and endurance  
  • 6 Cutting Depths – For No 0, 10 and 20 Biscuits plus additional 'Maximum' Duplex and Simplex settings 
  • 0 – 90 Degree Cutting Angles – Covers multiple jointing applications  
  • 35mm Fence Adjustment – Up to 35mm from an edge for setting biscuits into thicker stock 
  • Tilting Fence Indents – 0, 45 and 90 degrees settings for fast positioning on common angles 
  • Cam Lock Rack And Pinion Height Fence – Precision height adjustment with cam lock retention  
  • Milled Reference Faces – For accurate positioning on all jointing styles 
  • Anti-Slip Rubber – Rubber cutter aperture prevents slippage as the cutter engages the workpiece 
  • Top Mounted Sliding Switch – Easily accessible sliding switch for left or right-handed operation 
  • Supplied With - CR/BJB100T Biscuit Jointer Blade, Attachment Plate, Dust Bag and Adaptor and Vacuum adaptor (fits T35 and T32 Dust Extractors)  
  • Smooth Plunge Action – Twin spring loaded bars control the plunge for smooth cutting action 
  • Fast Release Base Plate – quick release hinge base plate for fast cutter changeovers 
  • Multiple Jointing And Assembly Applications – Can be used for joinery and cabinetry work, alignment of components, strengthening and more 
  • Fast And Easy – The quick and easy way to make solid joints in multiple materials including hard and softwoods and sheet materials 
  • Slimline sculpted bodygrip aids control and minimises fatigue 
  • Ergonomic top handle for perfect balance and controlled cutting 
  • RUNTIME CLAIM - Up to 731 no.20 biscuits – equivalent to 121 worktop joints or 10 standard kitchen cupboards carcases made (using 4Ah battery in Chipboard) 



  • Battery: 18V 
  • Motor: 18V Brushed motor 
  • Speed: 8500rpm  
  • Cutting depths: 6 pre set depths 
  • Angle range: 0-90 degrees 
  • Maximum fence height: 35mm 
  • Blade: Trend 6 tooth TCT 
  • Blade diameter: 100mm 
  • Blade bore: 22mm 
  • Cutter slot thickness: 4mm 
  • Weight: 2.5kg 


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