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Festool 577025 Cordless Plunge Saw TSC 55 KEB with FSKP Rail Kit - Promo 2022 FREE Batteries

Product Code: FES/577025-PK2
Brand: Festool
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Festool 577025 TSC 55 KEB-Basic and 1 FS 1400 KP Rail Kit - Promo 2022 FREE Batteries
Ref - 577025-PK2


Items included

1 x Festool Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55 KEB-Basic - (Ref: 576712)

2 x Festool Battery packs BP 18 Li 5,2 ASI - (Ref: 202479)

2 x Festool Rapid Chargers TCL 6 GB - (Ref: 201136)

1 x Festool Guide Rail FS 1400/2-KP - (Ref: 577043)


Festool Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55 KEB-Basic - (Ref: 576712)


Our masterpiece. Decisively improved. Now with unique kickback stop.

Often, even just a millisecond is crucial: The kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a plunge-cut saw. Our unique kickback stop therefore stops the saw blade of our cordless plunge-cut saw in the blink of an eye, and so not only protects your workpiece but also minimises the risk of injury to your hands. In addition, this now allows users to make powerful, precise cuts at up to twice the speed with an extended battery range. When combined, our new generation of saw blades allows for maximum cutting performance and perfect cutting quality. The sawing system is rounded off with clever system accessories, such as guide rails, an angle stop, splinter guard and saw table.


Strengths and benefits

  • The kickback stop reduces the risk of injury from kickback when sawing or plunging the tool into the workpiece
  • Concentrated torque and up to twice as fast work progress with an increased saw blade service life
  • Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for maximum cutting power
  • The kickback stop can be deactivated for individual cuts
  • Top-class sawing system thanks to a variety of accessories


Main areas of use

  • Precise circular in materials up to 55 mm thick
  • Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail and circular saw
  • Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen worktops
  • Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints
  • Cutting chipboard to size


Items included

  • Chip collection bag
  • Flag window, vision panel
  • hex key, WAF 5
  • HW fine tooth saw blade WD42
  • splinter guard
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437



  • Battery voltage: 18/36 V
  • Idle engine speed: 2650 - 3800/5200 min⁻¹
  • Saw blade diameter: 160.00 mm
  • Angular range: -1 - 47 °
  • Cutting depth: 0 - 55 mm
  • Cutting depth 45°: 43 mm
  • Dust extraction connection dia: 27/36 mm
  • Battery capacity: 5.20 Ah
  • Weight: 1 x 18 V/2 x 18 V 4.6/5.3 kg
  • Drive type: Battery


Festool Battery pack BP 18 Li 5,2 ASI - (Ref: 202479)


Simply communicative.


Strengths and benefits

  • Communicates via Bluetooth® with the Bluetooth® module on the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor (can be retrofitted as an accessory) and starts the mobile dust extractor when the cordless tool is switched on
  • Powerful 5.2 Ah battery for endurance and power
  • The all-rounder for all applications
  • In combination with the SCA 8 AIRSTREAM rapid charger, charged quickly and effectively with active cooling during the charging procedure
  • Integrated LED display on the battery pack provides information about the current state of charge at all times
  • With Festool you benefit from 36 months of free-of-charge repairs – including wear parts. And not just for all our tools but for battery packs and chargers too


Main areas of use

  • Bluetooth® enables the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on (Bluetooth®-compatible mobile dust extractor is required)
  • Bluetooth® lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack with AIRSTREAM function for all Festool 18 V cordless tools (except CXS, TXS, ETSC 125, RTSC 400, DTSC 400)


Technical details

  • Tensioner 18 V; Capacity 5.2 Ah
  • Weight 0.7 kg


Festool Rapid charger TCL 6 GB 240V - (Ref: 201136)


Key Features

  • Adapted for all Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)
  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) replacement charger for all 10.8 - 18 V battery packs
  • Quickly ready for use thanks to the rapid charger for Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS)
  • Always up to date: LED display shows the remaining battery life and charge status
  • Sensible storage: Space-saving with a secure cord holder
  • Simple wall mounting through elongated holes on the rear


Technical details

  • Input voltage: 220 - 240 V
  • Weight: 0.8 kg


Festool Guide rail FS 1400/2-KP - (Ref: 577043)


Perfect for guiding the machine in any position.


Key Features

Invented and perfected by Festool: The guide rail with adhesive pads. Allows users to make straight and precise cuts when carrying out horizontal work on floors or work surfaces, as well as for applications on walls. Easy to secure of different surfaces using the adhesive pads. It is easy and practical to transport two guide rails since they can be inserted above the Systainers carrying handle. The FS/2-KP guide rail is available in lengths of 1400 mm and 1900 mm.

  • Secure grip: The guide rail with adhesive pads – precise and safe sawing even in difficult positions
  • Practical to transport – the guide rail can inserted above the Systainers carrying handle
  • Splinter-free cuts – the rubber lip right at the scribe mark prevents the edges from splintering even with angled cuts
  • Coating for smooth running on the machine
  • The adhesive cushion strip protects the workpiece surface from being damaged


Main areas of use

  • Guide rail with adhesive pads –for a secure hold and no slipping when carrying out horizontal work on floors or work surfaces, as well as for applications on walls
  • Cutting sheet materials to size, cutting doors to the required length, cutting recesses in kitchen worktops and splitting tenons
  • The guide stop for routers ensures precise and straight grooves
  • Straight cuts with the jigsaw in wood up to 20 mm thick
  • Additional groove for use with accessories permits additional applications


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1 X Festool 577043 Festool Guide rail - FS 1400/2-KP
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1 X Festool 577025 TSC 55 KEB-Basic - Promo 2022 FREE Batteries
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2 X Festool 201136 Festool Rapid charger TCL 6 GB 240V
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